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How To Spot Fake Disposable Vape Products

As Disposable Vapes have taken over the market, we’re now finding lots of fakes flooding stores, tarnishing their reputation and putting you at risk.

Over the past two years, disposable vapes have seen a rise in UK markets. Disposable Vapes are seen as a hassle free alternative to smoking due to their throwaway nature.

With the popularity spike of disposable vapes, however, we’ve seen rise to fake knock offs being produced in China and sold in UK. The reason they’re so common is because they’re cheaper to produce and purchase than the authentic models, meaning shops and stores can turn over a larger profit when selling them. Therefore, the person who suffers from this ordeal is you, the end consumer. Here in this article, we will cover a comparison between fake Elux legend vs real.

What’s The Problem With Fake Disposable Vapes?

Fake disposables are made to look as authentic as possible, to con you into purchasing them. They’re made with lower quality ingredients and mechanical properties, meaning they taste worse and are not good for your health. They’re tarnishing the disposable vaping industry.

The Tobacco and Related Products Regulations (TPD) have been brought about to ensure vaping products are safe and tested. This process requires manufacturers to let governing bodies know the exact ingredients used, ensuring that nothing illegal or harmful is used. Of course, these fakes do not comply with this meaning that the bargain vape you just bagged could potentially be illegal and harmful to you.

What To Look Out For To Avoid Fake Vapes

At first, it can be difficult to spot a fake, but once you know what to look out for, you’ll see it every time.

  • Make sure you buy from reputable online stores or shops. Corner shops are usually the worst suspects of selling fake vapes.
  • If the price is too good to be true, you’re likely being sold a fake.
  • Disposable Vaping products have strict guidelines for packaging. If you look out for key factors, such as an age restriction, nicotine compliance, ingredients lists or a best before date, you should be safe. If these aren’t present on the box, don’t buy it.

How to Tell if Your Elf Bar Is Fake?

QR Authenticity Codes – 

Whenever you purchase an elf bar, be sure to check the box. On the box, you’ll find a QR code. Scan this with your phone and it should take you to “The official Elf Bar Website“.

Elf Bar will check the authenticity of the vape and you’ll see a notification on the screen as to whether it’s genuine or fake.

How to Tell if Your Elux Bar Is Fake?

Here are some key points to keep in mind for verification if your Elux legend fake.

  1. QR Authenticity Codes – Whenever you purchase an elux, be sure to check the box. On the box, you’ll find a QR code. Scan this with your phone and it should take you to the “official Elux Website“. Elux will check the authenticity of the vape and you’ll see a notification on the screen as to whether it’s genuine or fake.
  2. Colour of the Box and Vape – If you’ve already thrown away the box, another easy giveaway is the colour of the vape. The colour on fake vapes is usually of a lower quality, meaning it can look washed out. Take this as a sign that the vape is fake.
  3. Writing on the Actual Vape – Writing on official and authentic Elux bars is embossed and textured, meaning the writing sticks out on the vape. On fake elux bars, however, the writing is usually printed, meaning when you run your hands over it, you won’t feel the letters.
  4. Lighting on the Vape – This one’s easy to miss. Whenever you take a pull on your vape, you should see a blue light illuminate on the bottom of the device. On Fake elux bars, the lighting at the bottom is usually white. If you ever see a white light at the bottom of your elux bar, you’re smoking a fake.

If you think you’re the victim of being sold a counterfeit vape, we recommend following the steps above to check it through. If you’re still unsure, you should contact the manufacturer of the vape.

Final Thoughts

We try to share a complete detail about disposable vape products originality. So, you can check and compare Elux Legend Fake vs Real yourself by reading this article.

Here at Univapez , you can rest assured knowing you’re only purchasing real, legitimate and authentic products.

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