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Can You Take Vapes On A Plane In The UK?

Vapes On A Plane

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Vaping has become an alternative to traditional smoking in recent years. Many people use vaping to quit smoking or to enjoy a different way of absorbing nicotine or tasty e-liquids flavors in the UK. However, with the development of vaping, concerns have arisen about its compatibility with aviation travel. Can You Take Vapes On A Plane In The UK? In this post, we’ll look at the rules and restrictions that apply to vaping onboard planes in the United Kingdom.

Understanding the Vaping Regulations in the UK

Before bringing vapes on planes in the UK, knowing the country’s vaping regulations is essential. The United Kingdom was the first country to allow vaping as a way for people to reduce their health risks. People over 18 can legally buy, sell, and use e-cigarettes or vaping devices in the UK. Public Health of England says vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

Bringing vapes on a plane is usually allowed, but it’s important to be aware of specific airline and airport laws to ensure a smooth and easy flight. Although the UK has a calm attitude toward smoking, there are still restrictions on how e-cigarettes can be used:

Age Restriction

You must be 18 to purchase and use e-cigarettes, electronic vape devices, and flavors.

Public Places

Vaping is usually allowed outside public places, but many indoor places like restaurants and public vehicles have rules against it. It also applies to airports.

E-Liquid Containers

E-liquid bottles should be tightly sealed and stored so children under 18 cannot easily open them. These containers should hold at most 10ml of liquid. The nicotine concentration should not exceed 20mg/ml.

Tank Size

Refillable electronic cigarette tanks should not be able to carry more than 2ml of liquid.

Taking Vapes on a Plane in the UK

Now that we know the restrictions and rules in the United Kingdom about vaping let’s see if you can carry your Vapes on a Plane.

In A Carry-On Bag

In the United Kingdom, you can bring your vape device and any other tool in your carry-on bag. It includes vape pens, e-cigarettes, and spare batteries.

TSA Guidelines

The TSA guidelines and allowance for Vapes on a Plane typically allow travelers to bring small containers of liquids. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) rules how big vapes can be conveyed in the United Kingdom. Vape devices and batteries must be stored in your hand luggage, not your checked stuff. Lithium-ion batteries, commonly used in vaping devices, can cause fires and are prohibited in checked baggage.

Airport Regulations

Remember that you can carry your vape device on the airline, but there may be restrictions at the airport. Some airports have areas where smoking is allowed, while others do not. Like many other international airports, there is also a designated smoking area at Gatwick Airport where passengers can smoke before or after their flights. Check with airport staff or seek signage to determine the rules.

Onboard Vaping

Vaping is usually not allowed on commercial flights in the United Kingdom. Most airlines have plain anti-smoking policies, which include vapes. You are not permitted to use your vape device during the trip. You could be punished or asked to leave the plane if you do.

Battery Protection

Keep your vape device in your carry-on bag and remove any batteries to ensure its safety while traveling. Place batteries in a safe enclosure to prevent being accidentally turned on. Before you fly, check with your airline for their policies on taking extra batteries.

International Flights

Place the e cig battery in a safe enclosure to prevent being accidentally turned on. Before you fly, check with your airline for their policies on taking extra batteries.

So, before booking a foreign ticket, research the vapor laws of the destination country and strictly follow them. It includes any restrictions on what you can and cannot bring through customs with vaping kits and e-liquids.

Stay Informed

As vaping regulations change time by time, travelers must stay updated on the rules and laws governing how to use and transport vaping devices to ensure their trip runs well. Most airlines allow taking vapes on a plane, but there are some laws and regulations you should be aware of. It is important to put your vaping devices and e-liquids in your carry-on bags, and follow TSA standards for carrying batteries. Before traveling, always check with your airline to see if there are any additional requirements or restrictions.


In the United Kingdom, you can generally carry your vape device on an aircraft. However, vaping is not official in commercial aviation, and airports may have their own rules and selected vaping places. These rules must be known and followed.

Also, if you’re traveling abroad, read about the vaping laws of the country you’re visiting and respect them to avoid getting in trouble with the government. Because vaping regulations sometimes change, it’s essential to check with planes and airports ahead of time for the most up-to-date information.


How many disposable vapes can I bring on a plane?

You can bring the number of disposable vapes on a plane according to the airline policies and local rules. It’s best to check with your airline and research the specific rules and limits regarding vaping kits and e-cigarettes before your journey.

How can I find and buy these vapes online?

If you’re looking for best price Disposable Vapes near you, simply type “vape shops open near me” into your preferred search engine, and it will navigate you to the best online vape shop UniVapez for buying.

Can you take a vape in hand luggage?

Yes! In the UK, you can bring your vape device and any other tool in your carry-on bag.

What happens if you put a vape in checked luggage?

Vaping in checked luggage is normally allowed, but there are some safety protections to follow. Remove the batteries from your vape kit and pack them separately in your carry-on luggage. Always check your airline laws for vaping devices and e-cigarettes, as policies vary for Vapes on a Plane and most airlines may have limits on carrying vaping equipment in checked luggage.

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