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Prime Hydration 500ml

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Prime Hydration is a new boom in refreshing energy drinks. However, before adding a refreshing element, it adds flavours to your mouth. Now, this brand has gained popularity in the UK as well. You can get it in seven unique and mouthwatering flavours. These prime all flavours would surely fulfil your thirst. The drink originated because of the efforts of two social media influencers, Logan Paul and KSI.

Drink Components

The prime drink ingredients include coconut water in a quantity of 10 percent. Along with that, it contains anti-oxidants, zinc, etc. Other than these ingredients, the following main element is the flavouring. So, every flavour brings a unique taste to your mouth. Similarly, adding flavouring agents further defines the all flavours of prime drinks. They even claim they add zero sugar to these drinks.

Not For Under 18

Although this Prime Hydration is an energy booster, children under a specific age cannot take it. The drink is carbonated; therefore, children below 18 cannot take in these drinks. Although this store sold vaping products previously, now you can find these Bottles of prime energy drinks too for sale in the UK.


Prime drink UK where to buy?

Buy Prime hydration drink 500ml now that is available for sale at UniVapez online shop UK in wholesale price while stocks last for KSI limited edition prime. Get yours before it’s all gone!

Is Prime Hydration an Energy Drink?

Prime Hydration is similar to Gatorade and other popular sports rehydration drinks. drink should not confused with prime hydration.

Is prime a fizzy drink?

Prime hydration has no fizz, whereas Prime energy is carbonated.

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What are the exciting prime flavours?

After hearing about this prime UK drink, you might need clarification about whether to buy it. Here are some features of the drink that would persuade you to purchase the bottle of prime immediately. So, let’s explore Prime Hydration features.

A great source of vitamins, minerals

The all prime drink bottle has incredible energy that can start your day with calm flavours. If you are feeling low in energy, what are you waiting for? Grab your favourite flavoured prime hydration drink at best wholesale price in Northern Ireland and the whole UK, and it boosts your body in energy. It is rich in B-type vitamins which can accelerate your metabolism. Also, these vitamins help to increase the building of red blood cells. Along with that, your brain needs energy. This energy is fulfilled with the vitamins and minerals found in the new prime drink bottle. So, enjoy its health benefits with a fusion of new prime drink best flavor!

Immense flavours

Most energy drinks are not tempting to try, but it is not true when you have these energy drinks. Yes, the best prime drink comes with wonderful flavours that suit everyone’s taste. For example, you have a great choice from the flavours of natural fruits to other refreshing flavours like prime hydration drink ice pop. So, give your taste buds a good feel of refreshing flavours.

No added sugars

The prime hydration drinks come with no added sugar. Hence, a safe energy drink to consume. So, without consuming sugar, you can boost your level of energy.

A perfect booster for sportsmen

Athletes and even people who exercise feel low energy after a workout. At that moment, they need the intake of fluid plus energy. Hence, the prime energy hydration drink UK is multipurpose. In addition to boosting energy, it would satisfy the thirst factor in your body. The coconut water added to the drink brings nutrients and potassium to your body.

An adequate serving for everyone

Moreover, this drink comes in the quantity of 500ml. A total of 20 calories are founded in it. So, after a heavy workout, buy the bottle and enjoy the hydrated and flavours of prime drink. Prime drink bulk buy choices are also available for individuals to stock up their preferred tastes and stay hydrated. Hence, the serving ensures this drink includes low calories, perfect for you. You can buy wholesale price Prime Hydration drink online that is serving as per your need in all the UK.


All Prime hydration drink flavours are so refreshing and energetic. If you are looking forward to prime flavours in the UK, let’s describe them.
  • Prime Blue Raspberry
A very refreshing flavoured drink. You would surely want an energy booster after heavy exercise. The purpose is filled with the blue raspberry prime drink. You would feel it tangy as well as sweet at the same time.
  • Meta moon
This flavour tastes like a combination of different berries infused with cotton candy. Hence, it gives the drink a sweet taste.
  • Ice pop
Well, the ice pop prime energy drink would quench your thirst at the moment. You would feel it tastes like a combination of cherries with blueberries. Also, a slight addition of lime would balance out the flavours. For those looking for a chilly and exciting vaping, the IcePop Prime is a wonderful and refreshing option.
  • Orange
If you want to gain the citrusy orange flavours, then try this flavour out. It has the natural flavours of orange.
  • Lemon lime
The cheap prime hydration drink with the mix of lemon and lime flavour is the best to hype your energy level. After tasting it, you can conclude about the citrus, tangy, and sour lemon taste. Along with lemon and lime prime drink in the UK, a little twist of sweetness would neutralize flavours.
  • Grape
This particular flavour includes sweet and tart grapes. Hence, this prime energy drink that available in the UK, contains mixed flavours.
  • Tropical punch
If you are searching for a flavour filled with fruity, find a tropical punch flavored green, black, red and pink prime hydration drink. With the first sip, you would feel the blended apple flavours, passion fruits, pineapple, etc.


How did the Prime hydration drink originate?

In 2022, two social media influencers, KSI and Logan Paul, found this drink. As they added no sugar to the drink and designed it to boost the energy of athletes and players, it got hyped.

Is it healthy to consume this drink?

Well, there are many different opinions to try or not the Prime Hydration a low price drink. Therefore, only the manufacturer can guarantee the drink. So, it is up to the customer’s choice; if they like it, they can purchase it. You will find the shops that sell a prime hydration drink near me at cheap price.

Prime drink where to buy UK?

It is a frequently asked query. You might find some sources to procure the wholesale prime drink from. There are many fake bottle of Prime hydration drink being sold in local shops and online as well. As an individual, when I wan to bought it & search for “where can I buy prime hydrate drink in UK”.  However, if you want a reliable option and affordable ratesvisit UniVapezThrough this prime hydration drink tracker source, you will find different flavours of the drink. Hence, purchase your favourite flavours within your budget.

What is prime drink?

This prime hydrate drink come in variety of sports drink, drink combinations, and energy drinks made and promoted by Prime Hydration, LLC.

Is prime an energy drink?

Yes! Primedrinks come in variety of energy drink.

Is prime halal?

According to the official Prime drink website, PRIME drink cans are not halal.

Why is prime drink so popular?

These prime drinks bottles that can be order online from UniVapez are popular due to their celebrity prominence, unique branding, and pleasing flavours in the UK. The Prime Hydration Drink Variety of 12 Pack holds a wide range of delightful and refreshing flavors that will keep you hydrated and energized all the day.
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