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Olit Crystal 600 Puffs 2% Disposable Device

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Product information

The Olit Crystal 600 Puffs 2% Disposable Device offers a delightful and suitable vaping experience. It’s ideal for constant vaping, with a sleek design and 600 puffs. Olit Crystal 600 is a small, TPD compliant device with great value.


  • Up to 600 Puffs
  • Non-Rechargeable
  • 2% nicotine concentration
  • 2ml E-Liquid
  • Mesh Coil
  • Pocket-Friendly


How long should a 600 puff vape last?

The duration of a 600 puff vape is determined by some factors, including your vaping habits, the power settings of the device, and the e-liquid used.

Are crystal vapes safe?

The Crystal Vape is completely safe to use, as there are no hazardous chemicals in the e-liquid.

From Where to Buy Olit Crystal Vapes?

Check with the online vape shop UniVapez to buy if you are searching for Olit Crystal vapes near me in the UK.

What flavour is mr blue vape?

Mr Blue vape has a variety of flavour available, plus fruit, menthol, sweet, and others.

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An Overview of Olit Crystal 600 Puffs

You can easily vape with complete satisfaction of Olit Crystal 600 Puffs 2% Disposable Device. This sleek and small Crystal Ecigs device is easily assembled, making it an excellent choice for new and experienced vapers. Olit Crystal Original Vape is a renowned and trusted brand in the vaping industry, providing a complete selection of high-quality vaping products and accessories to the vapers.

Sleek Design for Vaping

The Olit Crystal vape 600 puffs disposable has a sleek and comfortable design that fits well in the palm of your hand. Its small size makes it ideal for on-the-go vaping, allowing you to experience your favorite Crystal flavors anytime and anywhere.

Durable Performance

Regardless of its small size, each device of Olit Crystal vapes delivers 600 puffs. It means you can vape longer before disposing of the Crystal Ecig device. It’s a beautiful alternative for individuals seeking a reliable and continuing option.

Nicotine Strength of 2%

The Olit Crystal disposable vape has a 2% nicotine strength, providing a pleasing and smooth nicotine hit. This Cristal vape device is ideal for satisfying nicotine desires or enjoying a tasty vape.

Extensive Range of Flavors

Discover a wide variety of best crystal 600 vape flavours to suit your taste. Olit offers a variety of options to suit a range of tastes, from fruity delights to classic tobacco.

Olit Crystal 600 Flavor Options

Olit Crystal 600 vapes come in a variety of delicious and fascinating flavours to enhance your vaping capability. Crystals vape have something for everyone, whether you like fruity, sweet, menthol, or tobacco-inspired flavors.
  • Fresh Mint
  • Mr Blue
  • Skittles Ice
  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Watermelon Ice

Skittles Ice

The Crystal Skittles Ice vape blends the fruity sweetness of Skittles with an icy menthol twist, providing a wonderful and ice vaping practice to vapers.

Mr Blue

Mr Blue vape is a popular choice among vapers because of its interesting E liquid juice and pleasant vaping.

Calm and Disposable

One of the main advantages of Olit Crystals Vapes is that it’s disposable. There’s no need to refill or recharge. Just vape until you’ve consumed all 600 puffs, and then responsibly dispose of the Crystal e cig device. 

A Perfect Choice for Vapers

The Olit Crystal 600 Puffs 2% Disposable Vapes Device is designed to meet your vaping demands, whether you’re a busy professional or an exciting tourist. With this reliable and portable vape crystal device, you can enjoy delightful vaping. Notice the comfort and accessibility of Olit Crystal 600 Puff 2% Disposable Vape Device and upgrade your vaping experience now. 

Order Now!

If you’re looking for a Crystal vape near me, you should look into online best vape shops. Buy the Olit crystal vape 600 at a best price of about £4.29 from UniVapez in the UK.
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