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NEW Lost Mary QM600 2% Disposable Vape

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Product information

The innovatively designed Lost Mary QM600 brought a variety of features for you. This disposable and easy-to-handle vape is something every user dreamt of. The brand has specialized in designing vape with unique properties. You would love the experience of inhaling best refreshing fruity lost mary flavours. Similarly, you might think of the vape as having a small size but don’t worry. The size is enough for you to handle and use conveniently. 

It belongs to the type called mouth to lungs vapes. So, when you intake the puff, the taste from your mouth directly passes to your lungs. The 600 puffs that you inhale through the vape is equivalent to the forty regular cigarettes you used to inhale. Therefore, you can consider it a long-lasting vape. 

The light-to-carry feature further allows you to carry the vape easily. You won’t feel its weight if you hold it in your hand or place it in your pocket. Smartly designed vapes look more attractive when you discover their outlook. The shiny metallic body gives the new lost mary vape an exclusive look. You would see a plastic cap covering the vape’s mouthpiece along the metallic body. 

Its price is more attractive than its features. Among the different types this brand produces, this type is budget-friendly compared to its features.  Every single user has different taste buds. Thus, they like different flavours in lost.mary vape. By using this vape lost mary, you can dive into the intense and authentic flavours. Most of the flavours it comes with resemble fresh fruits. Other than that, you can have some different flavours too. Some of the most liked flavours include blueberry ice lost mary, triple mango, kiwi passion fruit guava, etc. 

This one is a good choice if you want to purchase a lost mary disposable vape in wholesale price. So, make this little investment and enjoy it for a long period.

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If you are an expert in vaping, you might know the different varieties of vapes like Lost Mary QM600. Similarly, every type of vape has distinctive features that make them unique. So, this blog is all about exploring the features of this particular vape.  The lost mary vapes comes with disposable features. What would impress the users? A disposable vape or something they have to refill frequently. Of course, it is a disposable vape. After using the vape, you throw it away. Similarly, you will not have to recharge, refill, or reuse it repeatedly. Moreover, the two per cent nicotine amount is soothing to your throat. In addition to lost marys vape, many other features persuade you to buy it. 

What makes the vape so exciting to use?

Here are some features that convince you always to purchase it. 
  • A significant number of puffs

Users always look for vapes that carry enough puffs to satisfy them. As you know, vaping is something that users use for soothing. No one would like it if a vape ends so quickly with few puffs. Therefore, the manufacturers added an adequate number of puffs. The lost mary 600 puffs are enough for you to enjoy. 
  • Shiny metal body

The lost mary qm comes with a unique design. Its manufacturers selected a metallic and crystal look for this vape. The metallic part gives the vape a shiny and classy look. At the same time, the glass body encapsulates the vape and gives it a firm look. 
  • Convenience to use

For users’ convenience, they have made qm600 lost mary, a portable device. Hence, you can carry it along with your travel. You don’t have to worry about the e-liquid spilling or stressing over to carry the batteries. Just enjoy your trip with this disposable vape. Similarly, the capacity of liquid it could hold is 2 ml. This much capacity is enough for your vaping.  The hustle of placing batteries is over now! You only have to insert the vape in your mouth and begin vaping to use it. 
  • Numerous flavours

Lost mary qm600 vape flavours are another feature that convinces people to use it. You get a choice to select from the 18 unique flavours. So, by trying every best lost mary flavour once, you will know which you like the most. The lost mary falvours usually contain fruits, giving your taste buds refreshing.  Choose available best new lost mary flavours from below:
  • Red Apple Ice Lost Mary
  • Lost Mary Watermelon or strawberry Ice
  • Lost Mary Pink Lemonade or Blue Razz Ice
  • Cherry or Blueberry Lost Mary
  • Juicy Peach Lost Mary
  • Strawberry Kiwi Lost Mary
  • Lightweight and compact

According to the Lost Mary qm600 review, the vape has a sleek and compact shape. Thus, you can easily fit it in your pockets; the size and shape of it make it a popular choice for vape. Similarly, it is light in weight so carrying it won’t trouble you.

Where to purchase it?

Let’s introduce you to a store to answer lost mary vape near me in UK. The Univapez store has this lost mary gift set at bulk rates. Open the link to buy lost mary box of 10 deals.


Enjoy vaping with more fun by using the Lost Mary vape QM600. This product comes with extraordinary features that you would love it. Hence, enjoy the convenience it brings to you. 
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