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NEW Lost Mary AM600 2% Disposable Vape

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Product information

Are you looking forward to a disposable vape product? Then let’s end your search here. You can have the versatile flavored lost mary am600. Unlike the typical vapes you have seen, it comes with the latest technology that makes it look stylish and convenient. So, now explore more about this vape.

What is a lost mary am600?

Are you bored with the common cigarettes you smoke? So, you will be introduced to a fantastic product to satisfy the craving for flavored vaping. Many of you might already have experience with lost mary falvours vape, but this lost mary new product is innovative.

If you explore the category of vaping products, the elf bar has a strong history. It belonged to the Chinese who first introduced the term disposable electronic vape to the audience. People were mesmerized by the use of this product and loved its application. Hence, the lost Mary 600 belongs to the same category of vapes. However, it is more advanced in its features and flavors as well.


Nicotine Strength: 20mg Nic Salt

Puff Count: Up to 600

Liquid Capacity: 2ml

Device Type: Disposable Vape Pen

Best for: Beginners


How to Recharge a Lost Mary AM600?

Its a Pre charged vape.

How Many Puffs Does a Lost Mary Have?

Lost Mary AM600 deliver up to 600 puffs.

Shipping Over £25


Payment & Security


The amazing features of the disposable vapes

The Lost Mary AM600 come with different features. By reading these features, you will be convinced to use this product on a long-term basis they feel.

·        Portable device

People shift to these electronic vapes because of their portability to use them. The Lost Mary bars come in a small yet portable size. This feature makes the vape handy. Also, you can carry it along even in your pants pockets. Hence, people always get attracted to such a portable device. You will find additional packaging like a plastic box or bag to carry it. When you like vaping, keep it out of your pocket and take the flavored puffs. They usually avoid carrying heavy vapes because it takes up a lot of space and is inconvenient.

·        The ultimate sea of flavors

Flavors are what can persuade people towards the particular vape. People generally look for the lost Mary 600 flavours. The more exciting flavor a vape offers, the more likely they would try it out. Hence, they like real-life flavors. For example, some people love fresh fruit flavors; some might like cola, cotton candy, etc. Such kinds of flavors are fascinating to try out.

·        Quality of product

You should determine its quality before seeing or even using the product for the first time. Therefore, grab the am600 lost mary in your hand and experience it. You would feel its quality by holding the vape bar for the first time. Hence, the vape bar’s overall quality and flavors are supreme. The manufacturers use high-quality parts and materials to give the user the best vaping experience. The user enjoys a smooth and peaceful experience of it.

·        Disposable

The Lost Mary AM600 comes with a disposable type. You should know what a disposable feature means. Along with this feature, the vape doesn’t include any buttons or setting to use it. Also, you cannot refill the vape or even recharge it. The experts often consider this particular type best used for beginners. After usage, when the filled e-liquid finishes, the use of the vape is over. Hence, you have to discard the disposable vape.

·        Number of puffs

The approximate number of puffs in this electronic vape is no less than 600 puffs.

·        Additional products

The smart vape comes with a disposable vape pen. Also, it includes a 2ml liquid capacity. Further, it comes with a mini-sized battery installed at the back end of the vape.

The most wanted flavors of lost Mary vape bars

Lost Mary AM600 comes with a total of 12 flavors. Similarly, every flavor is unique in terms of the other one. Mostly, lost mary vape flavours reflect the original fruits. By inhaling the vape, you would feel the richness of those fruits. Hence, breathing in the aroma and flavors of the fruit-flavored mary vape bars is quite refreshing.


The following are some unique best lost mary flavour.
  • Blueberry ice
Lost Mary AM600 comes with tangy and sweaty blueberries crushed with ice.
  • Cola
An extraordinary cola-flavored vape with fizziness popping out of the vape. Similarly, the experience is the same as if you are drinking a fizzy drink.
  • Mad blue
This flavor is a combination of sweet berries infused in the vape.
  • Lost Mary Red apple ice vape
The red is sweet red chunks of apples are flavored with ice.

The takeaway!

If you want to enjoy the flavors of an electronic disposable vape, then try the new lost mary am600. It has versatile features that convince everybody around to purchase the vape. So, enjoy your vape with the amazing flavors.

From Where To Buy?

If you want lost mary vape in best flavours, let’s make a order from vape shop UK UniVapez with exclusive deals.
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