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Elux Flavours Disposable Guide 2023

Elux Flavours

Table of Contents

Elux Flavours

Elux is one of the fastest growing disposable vape manufacturers, and their Tiny Legend series is quickly becoming a fan favourite. Elux Flavours are relatively novice to the market, having launched in 2021, but have quickly established itself as one of the main names in the scene. Their puff bars take luxury and convenience to a whole new level, delivering strong strength in a compact frame, by focusing their efforts solely on disposable goods created with only the highest-quality materials.

One of the top disposable vaporizers available is Elux Flavours. It possesses all the qualities a vapour could ever want. Vapours enjoy it because it is mouth-to-lung. Because of its small size and sleek style, you can take it everywhere. You can choose from a wide variety of fascinating all elux flavours that contain 0% or no nicotine.

With a variety of best elux flavour profiles to select from, including fruity classics, sweetshop favourites, and their own handcrafted blends, Elux legand disposables have something for everyone’s taste. When there are so many options, it can be tough to know where to begin. We’ve broken down each of the 22 new Elux flavours in this helpful guide so you can quickly discover your new favourite.

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Elux Flavours: Fruits

Elux flavouring fruits can provide you with a light, energising vapour that isn’t overly sweet. These flavour options, which range from tangy citrus to tart berries, are vibrant, fresh, and delicate and will make your mouth wet. Elux Flavours offers a wide variety of fruit flavours, therefore we’ve separated them into two categories: fruits and menthol fruits. The first section of this book will focus on their typical fruit profiles. If you have been smoking for a long time and are seeking a elux vape device that can help you quit, you should try this amazing vape. It will efficiently assist you to fight your nicotine cravings as well as quit smoking.

Elux vape liquid Flavours device’s contains nicotine salt. Nicotine salt absorbs quickly in your blood and does not cause a giddy feeling. The nic salt strength of Elux liquid is kept at 20mg. The Elux Legend Mini redefines style by joining innovative technology into its stylish form, making it a genuine vaping representation.

Elux Flavours: Soft Drinks

Soft drink flavours are a terrific way to chase away the winter blues by infusing your vape with a taste of summer. Elux vape Flavours has a fantastic selection of drink-inspired flavours that bring the nostalgic sweetness of your favourite fizzy beverage—without the calories! Hence, whether you enjoy lemonade or energy drinks, Elux bar Flavours offers the correct flavour to satisfy both your thirst and your needs. The Elux Legend vape is an exact standout in the vaping community, offering a seamless combination of innovative technology and great flavor.

Which Elux Flavours Are Right For You?

You won’t have to look very far to find your new favourite e lux bar vape flavour thanks to the extensive selection of exciting flavours Elux legends has to offer. Thinking about where to begin? To make things easier, we divided eluxes selection into the four main flavour categories you see above, allowing you to browse their extensive menu in keeping with your individual tastes.

Check out our other plastic e-cigarette flavour guides from top brands like Geek Bar and Elf Bar if you want to learn more about flavour options. You can also read our compare blogs, Elf Bar Vs. Elux and Geek Bar. Elf Bar, to see how these brands compare to others in the disposable e-cigarette market.

If you want a complete technical study, check out our Elux Bars Disposables Review for our analysis and how it compares to the competitors.

Elux Flavours at my cigar

MyCigara exists to make the United Kingdom smoke-free. We feel that providing vaping products as a viable option, such as ene disposable vapes from Elux Flavours, puts us one step closer to our aim. Disposable elux vapes are safer, easier to use, and less expensive than tobacco products, making them a perfect place to start for new vape users looking to stop smoking for good.

Check out our helpful Beginner’s Guide to help you get started if you’re new to vaping and want to know what all the hype is about. If you’ve already made the decision to switch to disposable vaping, we say read our blog post on the best disposables for quitting smoking to get a sense of the whole range of available Eluxs goods.

We’ve made it even simpler to get started with disposable vaping if you’re prepared to do so. To find out which elux legend flavours you enjoy most, take advantage of our mix-and-match 5 for £20 offer. If you already know what you like, look at our box of elux bars to make sure you have enough eluc vape on hand. Take advantage of the fantastic Elux Legend 3 for 20 deal to experience the peak of vaping treat that is pocket friendly.


The Elux Bar disposable vape flavor selection provides accessibility without sacrificing flavor, with an incredible choice of flavors to fit every vaping desire. The ENE Legend vape blends a sleek appearance with modern technology to produce a really fabulous vaping experience. With the best elux legend flavours, the realm of vaping reaches new heights, where a piece of superb flavours awaits to raise your vaping experience to incredible levels of delight.

Elux Disposable Vape
Official TPD Version
2ml E-Liquid Capacity
20mg Nic Salt E-Liquid (2.0%)
Approx. 600 Puffs/Draws
500mAh Battery Capacity
1.5ohm Resistance
Prefilled with E-Liquid
Ready to use out of the box
Single-Use Disposable
Satisfying Throat Hit

Elux Flavours

Exploring the Elux Legend all flavours collection is similar going on a taste journey, with an excess of alluring choices to delight every taste. Elux vape juice offers a variety of excellent collections that take your vaping experience to a new level by combining innovation and flavor proficiency. Each flavor on the Elux Legend flavours list has been carefully developed to offer a distinctive and enjoyable vaping experience.

  • Cherry Menthol
  • Gummy Bear (New)
  • Blueberry Raspberry
  • Strawberry Energy (New)
  • Cherry Cola
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Fizzy Cherry
  • Skittles Elux
  • Aloe Grape
  • Cotton Candy
  • Apple Mango Ice
  • Watermelon Ice
  • Pineapple (New)
  • Rye Bread Elux vape
  • Lady Pink (New)
  • Red Apple Ice
  • Cola Elux (New)
  • Black and Blue Elux bar
  • Lemon Rybna (New)
  • Strawberry Watermelon
  • Blueberry Cherry Cranbe
  • Cherry Elux
  • Blueberry Sour Raspberry

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Are Elux bars Vapes illegal?

If the vape contains nicotine, it is illegal.

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