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Amazing Flavours For Elux Bar 3500 Disposable Vape You Should Must Try

Elux Bar 3500

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Due to its alluring appearance and advanced functions, the Elux Bar 3500 Puff Bar is one of the most popular disposable vapes. The gadget just recently entered the market and has already grown to be quite well-liked. There is no doubt that the device has a long way to go given its remarkable qualities and best attributes. Leading and top-rated vape maker The Elux Bar ships its vape products almost everywhere in the world. The Aroma King 3500, which has a narrower airflow and is specifically made for smokers who wish to quit, is one of their best vape products.

Elux Bar 3500 Puffs | Appearance & Features:

These vapes come in stunning colours that will enhance your vaping abilities. Rechargeable Elux Bar has a top choice that complements your personality. The device has the abilty to calm your soul with its vast and unique mixtures of appealing e-liquid flavours. The Elux Vapes 3500 is intended for both novice and experienced vape vapers. It has a 1500mAh built-in battery that gives you insanely large puffs. Nicotine is present in the e-liquid used in these devices. So, you should try the Elux 3500 Puffs vape because it will not let you down.

Best Delivery System:

We have everything organised so you won’t need to worry about delivery-related issues, and the package will be delivered right to your door. Please get in touch with us to get all of your inquiries answered. Our customer support centre is available around-the-clock. We are aware that a good delivery setup is necessary for wonderful online buying Elux Bar 3500. We have therefore given this issue special consideration. Therefore, all you need to do is place the order; we will take care of the rest, including ensuring that it is delivered quickly and safely.

100% Money-Back Guarantee:

We sincerely care about our customers’ satisfaction. As a result, we have provided them with a money-back guarantee. Don’t be concerned about the safety and quality of your favorite Elux Bar 3500 puffs disposable vape. It is entirely our responsibility to obtain it from the manufacturer and deliver it to your door. Be confident when placing your order because we are here to compensate you in the event of such an inconvenience. So, don’t delay in getting higher products from our online vape shop that will enhance your vaping experience.


Puff Capacity: up to 3500

Battery Capacity: 1500 mAh In-built battery

Nicotine Strength: 20mg Nicotine

E-liquid: 10ml Multi shaded paint


Here is a list of best delicious Elux Bar Pro Flavours 3500

Aloe Grape: It takes you on a sweet summer journey with delicious chunks of ice cream and deliciously sweet Grape Elux.

Blueberry Bubblegum Elux :

Apple Berry Blast Elux : It’s the sweet taste of a fresh apple combined with a selection of wild berries, raspberry, blackcurrant and blueberry.

Elux Mr Blue :

Apple Mango Ice Cream: The cool sweetness of mango mixes with tangy apple pie for a touch of ice cream.

Mr Pink Elux :

Apple Peach Pear Elux : A crisp and refreshing pear flavor blended with ripe apple flavor combined with hints of juicy peaches.

Blue Razz Lemonade Elux :

Banana Pudding: Silky smooth vapor with a strong banana flavor that will melt you like your favorite pudding.

Elux Blueberry Raspberry :

Berry Lemonade: A refreshing drink that captures the citrus flavors of lemonade with a delicious blend of berries.

Tropical Punch Elux :

Blackcurrant Menthol Elux :

Strawberry Grape Elux :

Fresh Mint: A truly refreshing extravagance, pure mint flavor with no tobacco undertones, just clean, Fresh Mint Elux.

Strawberry Peach Lemon Elux :

Fresh Mint Ribena: A truly refreshing extravagance, pure mint Ribena flavor without the tobacco undertones, just clean fresh mint.

Lady Pink:

Mr Pink: A beautiful mix of sweet pink fruits that will stimulate your senses and make your mouth water.

Oat Pudding (Rye Bread): A hint of sour, spicy and earthy flavor.

Passionfruit: Refreshing cider with slices of sweet, juicy passion fruit.

Pink Lemonade: A classic flavor that’s truly magical, you’ve never tasted one before! Sweet, sour, sour, perfection!

Red Apple Ice:

Skittles: It’s a fusion, it’s a Skittles Elux vape, full of sweet caramel flavors chilled by a menthol breath.

Blueberry Cherry Cranberry Elux :

Vimto: Sweet and juicy experience on the inhale and floral and fruity notes on the exhale.

Watermelon Ice Cream:

White Peach Razz: Combines juicy white peaches and berries for a fruity vape experience.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry Elux :


How Many Puffs are in a elux bar pro wape Disposable?

ENE legend 3500 give up to 3500 puffs that can be obtained from a single disposable.

What is the shelf life of elux bar pro Disposables?

A single Disposable can deliver up to 120 cigarettes’ worth of vaping time. Read the full article to learn more:

How many days will an Elux Bar PRO 3500 last?

Elux Bar 3500 comes with an enormous e liquid capacity and a 1500mAh rechargeable battery. If you’ve bought then it should last around a week.

What’s inside a disposable elux bar pro 3500?

The internals of disposables are comparable to those of conventional e-cigarettes. The disposable’s heating coil uses a battery inside the Elux Bar 3500 gadget to warm up the cotton that is soaked in nicotine salt e-liquid. This then makes it possible to produce the vapours.

From Where To Buy Authentic Elux Bar 3500?

Buy Elux Bar 3500 box of 10 at wholesale best price from best vape shop Univapez in UK.

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