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A vape store, for vapers, run by vapers


We’re a relatively new vape store (Open since November 2022). After being customers of other online vape stores, we opened our doors after realising we could do a better job of offering a better service at an even better price than all the others!

We’re all about us making vapes readily available at fair prices, allowing you to keep enjoying your favourite brands and flavours, at a cheap and affordable price.

We aim to supply all kinds of disposable vapes at a cheap price, to counteract the greedy prices other retailers are charging for their products and ensure fair trade for all.

Our humble team of five vaping enthusiasts are here to support and guide you through your vaping journey. If you’re unsure about which vape to choose, or whether it’s right for you, send us an email or contact us on Whatsapp for support. We’re here to help.

We also offer direct delivery to Hudds Uni campus. To place a campus order, please click the link at the top of this page,  labelled: “FOR HUDDS CAMPUS ORDERS CLICK HERE”

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